Changing the way the world thinks


Constellatory Appreciation

Seeing content within context

Dynamic Reasoning

Building up a deep understanding

Optimal Solutions

Evaluating high dimensional option spaces

Scenario Analysis

Regarding all possible developments

Evolving Predictions

Real time updates for in time alerts

Knowledge Spaces

Discovering what one can know

Decision Architectures

Guidance towards the right decision

Use cases



Legal Tech





Grounded on interdiscilinary research we build the next generation of AI supported think tools that help you to discover, plan and create.

The complexity of the modern world has been growing exponentially in the last decades. By building the next generation adaptive life-long learning platform, we provide access to interdisciplinary knowledge. It helps you to keep up.

In the modern world problem solving gets harder every day. By providing tools to merge qualitative and quantitative analytics we can help you reach novel insights faster.

With regulatory description languages we make the areas of law that matter for you transparent. This is the foundation for letting you always know your legal status, requirements and needs.

Markets have become bigger, faster and more connected. With our tools we help you to detect risks and opportunities. Based on this we help you to build dynamic strategies that fit your personal needs.

Consulting often leads to dependence. With our solutions we provide a dynamic representation of your current situation and analysis of potential future scenarios. Based on these you can consult yourself.

We make medical knowledge accessible and clinical data transparent. With predictive analytics we provide early indicators for critical developments. To cope with them we represent the wide range of therapeutic options.


Team Team Team

At Cognostics we are an interdisciplinary team with experts with backgrounds ranging from physics and computer science to psychology and linguistics.

Our office is located in Pullach, only 20 min away from the Munich city center. We have a beautiful view on the Isar river and on clear days even of the Alps.

If you are interested in solving interdisciplinary problems with innovative solutions, we would be happy to work with you.